Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our Fellow Artists: Traci Cook

"Summer's Night" by Traci Cook

Artist Traci Cook's work represents a bit of a departure from what usually catches my eye--and I love it!  Her art is so whimsical, but at the same time seems to have hidden meaning, like an illustration from a children's book that remains a favorite through adulthood.

"A Quiet Brunch at the Shrewsbury Circus" by Traci Cook

As I explored Cook's gallery, I actually found myself wishing that she would illustrate, and perhaps even write, her own children's book.  Her compositions are beautifully arranged.  Color and shape dance from one corner of the page to the other, drawing the viewer in.  The characters pop off the page with delightful, spunky personality.  I'd have to say the piece that best displays this, and the piece that really caught my eye, is "A Quiet Brunch at the Shrewsbury Circus" (right). The title is fantastic, the robot is everything a robot should be, and who knows what that girl has up her sleeve?  That is one story I'd love to know more about!