Monday, April 8, 2013

Drawing Connections

It's April of 2013, and I'm currently involved in more official projects at once than I ever have been.  I love it!  The newer element for me is that one of the projects is collaborative, something I haven't done in a long time.

Another new element is the type of project: a graphic novel.  That is something I've always wondered if I should do, but have never had a chance or excuse to do.  Again, I love it.

I began the project pretty gung-ho and have remained so since.   It's been constantly pushing my skills as an artist (and my quirks as a slightly OCD perfectionist who loves to draw in ink).  The writer whose work I'm illustrating, Ben, is rewarding to work with as well.  I can't emphasize enough how different a collaborative project is for me, and how interesting it is.

This year is shaping up to be pretty productive, creatively speaking.  Sometimes I forget how much I'm actually working on, and I have to remind myself not to feel guilty for refusing to take on more.

Some of you may already know about my novel in progress, Advice From Ghosts, and may have been reading my serialized posts online.  I appreciate your support and feedback!  John is definitely one of my favorite creations.

Although it's been on the back burner for awhile, I'm also formatting, organizing, and considering illustrating my other writing project, Treasury of Fairy Tales.  I've always thought that it's harder to illustrate my own work than to illustrate someone else's, and this project confirms that belief!  Wish me luck.

In between everything above, I've been working on flyers to advertise for, and paintings to display in, a local show in July.  The two projects are somewhat connected, but the styles involved are so different from each other that I can feel my artistic brain wrinkling up if I even think about them.

Finally, to mention a completed project, (what!?) I designed some T-shirts for my husband's band, Support the Rabid.

So what's next?  Keep drawing and writing like there's no tomorrow.

A little encouragement

As someone who is constantly writing and trying to get over the potentially paralyzing fear of submitting work for publication, stumbling upon this made my day:

"Why I Love the Library"

If you click the link above, you'll be taken to the Sacramento Public Library Newsletter, which features a section called, "Why I Love the Library."

Several months ago, I submitted my personal story to that section, and today I was happy to see that it had been published.  The smaller of possible victories, maybe, but don't they say that the smallest ones are sweetest?