Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Fellow Artists: Blenda Tyvoll

"Sunrise Sunset" by Blenda Tyvoll

What better way to celebrate our fall weather than with the paintings of Blenda Tyvoll?  Her treescapes are particularly striking, with stark, delicate frames offset by vibrant, dynamic backgrounds.  Each painting is a joy to explore, containing that painterly quality of thick, rich strokes while simultaneously embodying a graphic style as well.

Tyvoll's paintings are a journey of color and symbols, and a careful eye will see layers upon layers of work creating the space within them.  Her compositions are so simple and yet intricately woven together by vivid, seamless textures.  The heart of Tyvoll's paintings are their backgrounds, and the viewer should take time to drink them in.

"Twilight Tree of Life" by Blenda Tyvoll
"Painting can be easy, effortless and very satisfying. I scrape, add layers, glaze and stamp my surfaces in order to achieve a unique texture of paint and color."

"My style is defined as original, intuitive, and imaginative, creating paintings based on an emotional response to a subject. The most consistent elements in my work are simple shapes and harmonious color. I want to express to the viewer a unique perspective of life by telling my story, using the language of paint and brush."

"Love Birds in a Tree" by Blenda Tyvoll
Tyvoll lives in Portland, Oregon, on a cut flower and Christmas tree farm.  She participates in the "Open Studios of Beavercreek Tour," during which artists open their studios to the public to display all means of arts and crafts.

Open Studios
This year the Open Studios took place in October.  At the giftshop of Victorhill Farm, which she co-owns with her husband, Blenda displayed some work that was the result of collaborating with two other artists, shown opposite.

You can see more of Blenda Tyvoll's work at:


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful post about my work. Outstanding!

    1. It was my pleasure! I loved writing about your work; I'm glad you enjoyed it.