Friday, October 19, 2012

A Salute to the Greats

"The Snowman" 
by Peter Szumowski

Where would we be without those greater artists to inspire us?  I spent some time browsing yesterday and found some new favorites to add to my long list.

Both my greeting cards site and my prints site offer sort of "master galleries" that sell prints of famous artists' work.  

Now, even after being obsessed with art since the age of seven, I definitely don't know about every master, so I'm trying to browse these galleries more frequently.  

Here are some pieces I've just discovered.

"Winter Breakfast"

I tend to lean toward scenes that are realistic but hint at the magical--I suppose because, to me, that's the most hopeful depiction of life.  

In my own art and writing, I'm always trying to create that semi-hidden layer of mystery, and when I go out in the world I'm always looking for it.  

After all, how is the day meaningful without a little enchantment?

"In the Wild North" 

by William
Stephen Coleman
by Eugen von Blaas

You can see more works from the past by clicking here.

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