Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Fellow Artists: Matt Beard

"Bird's Eye View" by Matt Beard

I have always loved color, and Matt Beard does it well.  An artist living in Humboldt County, he seems very influenced by nature, especially the ocean--and what better inspiration for color than those California waves?  I thoroughly enjoyed browsing all of his galleries, noticing in each one that his landscapes all seemed to reflect the rhythm and texture of waves--even landscapes that had minimal water in them. 

"Redwood Roots" by Matt Beard
"Shoebox Series #4" by Matt Beard
Ironically, in my search for pieces that demonstrated remarkable use of color, it was Beard's ink work that caught my eye.  Once I saw his line work and excellent balance of black and white, I had to see if he also worked in color.  I'm glad I kept browsing his site, because I found some truly breathtaking compositions, handled with bold, graphic simplicity.  
"Afternoon Mourning" by Matt Beard
Each piece is unique, but has that unmistakable signature style we as artists try so hard to develop.  Plus, not only are the pieces rendered well, they also invite the viewer to explore the world.  They are a great tribute to places, and the feeling that permeates those places.  Matt Beard really captures the essence of each landscape, whether it's redwood forests or rolling waves.
You can browse all of Matt Beard's pieces here.


  1. Yes, his work is interesting--the overall impression I get is that he loves stripes and branching. Look at his work for the stripes and branches that comprise the patterns.