Friday, October 12, 2012

...And now I'm a blogger.

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For a long time, I debated whether or not to begin an art or writing blog.  There were lots of reasons to consider it: I've always been the type of person to keep journals, I find quite a nerdy delight in note-taking, and I generally just love language.  

In fact, if I had to pick the way I communicated with people from day to day, I'd definitely choose to write to them.  There is something about writing that erases uncertainty, prevents miscommunication--at least for me.

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But to blog about my art?  I thought, why did I need to keep a weekly journal about that, and why online?  I already had several art websites, complete with artist bios I'd written and colorful descriptions of my pieces. 
Did I really need anything more?

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Then I realized how much a blog would keep me on track.  People who know me well also know that I'm notorious for abandoning one near-complete project to start another.  I can't count how many times I've done this.

 Once I finished art school, the best technique I found for completing pieces was to have the goal of "publishing" them on my website.  What better way to support this than with a blog that displays my in-progress projects, shows updates along the road to their  completion, and ultimately pushes me to finish them?

And so, fellow artists, that is how I talked myself into starting a blog.  Here's hoping mine is entertaining.

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