Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Artist in Support of Pinterest

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I've heard lots of things about Pinterest, most of them accusatory.  I wasn't sure what to think of the site.  Yesterday I found myself signing up for Pinterest so I could follow my sister's Pinterest board.  I also found that I wanted to make my own board, too.  And it's great!  I've always been a saver of ideas and snippets for later: a scrap of wrapping paper will inspire my next drawing, some sheets of scribbled Sharpie colors will narrow down my palette decisions for a painting, lists of words I like will help me edit vocabulary in my stories.  All of these things take up space, however.

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I'm a big fan of saving space, and nothing is more conducive to that goal than using virtual space instead of space in my apartment.

So, I've been slowly collecting images on my first Pinterest board.  Some of them will serve as inspiration for entries on this blog, and others are simply images I like and want to remember.

I'm hoping that people will feel the same things about my images.  I'm sure this is why Pinterest was started, not to flout copyright law.  The Internet, which is such a teeming network of information clamoring above other information, needs sites like this.  I, for one, will enjoy it.

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  1. I hope it works for your goals. An artist always needs an idea board and a place to post all the visual inspirations.

    1. Indeed! The best thing about the images is they can inspire much more than other images--thoughts, stories, connections...